Frequently Asked Questions

Are Chemical Glow in the Dark Products Safe?

Yes, all our Glow in the Dark products come in a sealed plastic outer casing. Even if the outer casing is somehow punctured or broken open the chemical contents are NON-TOXIC and NON-Flammable. Contact with the eyes or ingesting of the fluid should be avoided as irritation will result. There is also the possibility of allergic reaction, please keep in mind that under normal use you will never come in contact with the fluid. These products are not recommended for children under five years of age without adult supervision.

How do Glow in the Dark products work?

All glow in the dark products work on the same principal. There are four components to all glow products, the first is the plastic outer casing which holds everything in. The second is the fluid that you can see floating around the tube, the third is the plastic ampule that floats freely in the fluid. The fourth is the fluid contained inside the plastic ampule. To make these items work (activate) you must bend the outer plastic casing enough to shatter the internal plastic ampule, this mixes the two chemical components together thus creating a chemical reaction or the “glow”.

Does temperature effect glow in the dark products?

Yes, the warmer the temperature the brighter the glow. High temperature will also effect the time that the product will glow for, with lower temperatures the glow will be a little bit duller but will glow for a longer period of time.

Can you turn glow in the dark products "OFF" once they have been activated?

No, once you have activated the product it will glow until the chemical reaction has finished.

Are Glow in the Dark products waterproof?

What happens if I get the chemicals on my clothes?

With normal use this is not an issue, but if you happen to puncture the outer tube and get fluid on your clothes simply wash with warm soapy water. If the fluid is allowed to dry it may stain some clothing.

How should I store un-activated glow in the dark products.

They should be stored in a cool dry place in their original packaging, away from direct sunlight. Heat and humidity will shorten their life span.

How long is the shelf life of the products?

Depending on the packaging, most items which are foil wrapped will have a shelf life of up to 18 months or more. Items that are not wrapped in foil will have a shorter life span approximately 12 months depending on the heat and humidity.

How long will they glow for?

Glow in the dark products glow from 4 to 12 hours depending on the products and the ambient air temperature.

Please Note: Products are NOT RECOMMENDED for use by children under the age of 5 years, without Parental Supervision.